As a sponsor of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), AARMS is able to offer the following limited funding opportunities to faculty and students at universities in Atlantic Canada:

Graduate Summer Schools 2019

MSRI covers the travel and local expenses of 2-3 students to attend one of its Graduate Summer Schools (detailed course descriptions of Summer 2019 program). The rate for travel reimbursement is up to USD $600 for students from US and Canadian universities.  If you wish to nominate one or more of your students to attend, please contact the AARMS Director.  All nominations for 2019 graduate summer schools must be sent to us by Friday, November 16, 2018. More details are found here:

Visits by MSRI Members

AARMS can invite MSRI members to visit and give a colloquium or seminar talk at universities in Atlantic Canada. MSRI provides partial support for the member’s visit (at present, up to USD $250). If you would like us to invite one of these members to your university please contact the AARMS Director. The list of MSRI members that may be available to visit is found here:

Travel Support for Attending BIRS Conferences and Workshops

MSRI will provide partial travel funding (up to a maximum of USD $750) for postdoc or ladder faculty members of Academic Sponsor Institutions to attend workshops at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS).  If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity you must make the request to the workshop organizer, as there are only two such travel support awards available for each conference.  The organizer is the person who will decide to whom these awards should be allocated.  If you are allocated one of these awards then let us know.  AARMS will bill MSRI and your reimbursement will come from AARMS.

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