The Atlantic Graph Theory seminar series is aimed at the graph theory research community in Atlantic Canada, but accessible to everyone that is interested. The audience includes graduate students and postdocs, and we are aiming to have talks that are accessible to this audience. The seminar series is usually virtual, although there may be in-person lectures by local speakers which will then be broadcast to a remote audience.

Seminars will take place on Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 Atlantic time online via zoom. If you would like to give a talk or attend, please email the organizer.

Organizer: Jeannette Janssen (Dalhousie)

Seminar Schedule:

20-Sep-23 Jessica MacDonald, Auburn University On flows (and group-connectivity) in signed graphs
27-Sep-23 Natasha Morrison, University of Victoria Maximising copies of H in K_{r+1}-free graphs
4-Oct-23 Iain Beaton, Acadia University On the Unimodality of Nearly-Well Dominated Trees
18-Oct-23 Alex Clow, SFU and William Kellough, MUN Double bill by two graduate students
25-Oct-23 Jeff Mudrock, Un. Alabama A Polynomial Method for S-labeled Graphs
1-Nov-23 Joy Morris, Un. of Lethbridge Detecting (Di)Graphical Regular Representations
15-Nov-23 Margaret-Ellen Messinger, Mt. Allison University The damage number of the Cartesian product of graphs
22-Nov-23 Cancelled due to technical difficulties
29-Nov-23 Jordan Barrett
Graph burning, the burning number conjecture, and burning density
6-Dec-23 Santiago Guzman-Pro Forbidden Tournaments and the Orientation (Completion) Problem
17-Jan-24 Leslie Hogben, Iowa State

Forts, (fractional) zero forcing, and Cartesian products of graphs

24-Jan-24 Torsten Mütze, University of Warwick

Kneser graphs are Hamiltonian

31-Jan-24 Thiago de Holleben, Dalhousie University Homological invariants of graphs with no induced cycles of length divisible by 3
6-Feb-24 Evelyn Smith-Roberge, Georgia Tech

Correspondence Packings of Planar Graphs

14-Feb-24 Andrew Beveridge, Macalester College

Approval Ballot Triangles



A listing of last year’s seminars: (2022-23)