The award “AARMS Distinguished Lecturer” was created in 2000 to recognize excellence in mathematics and its exposition. We are pleased to highlight past recipients of this award.

  • Alexander Merkurjev UCLA – May 2016
  • Anne Schilling, UC Davis – May 2011
  • Atle Minsaas, MARINTEK, Norway – June 2010
  • Hans-Juergen Schneider, University of Munich – June 2009
  • Neil Calkin, Clemson University, January – April 2007
  • Barbara Lee Keyfitz, The Fields Institute and the University of Houston, October 2006
  • Terry Rockafellar, University of Washington, October 2006
  • Boju Jiang, Peking University, June 2004
  • Robert J. Elliott, University of Calgary, August 2003
  • Jianhong Wu, York University, July 2002
  • Hal Smith, Arizona State University, August 2001
  • Susan Montgomery, University of California, May 2001

The AARMS Distinguished Lecturer program provides financial support for visits to Atlantic Canada by preeminent mathematicians. AARMS Distinguished Lecturers visit a host AARMS institution for a week or more, offering lectures and seminars as well as offering at least two talks – either in two different AARMS Universities or in two different formats: one outreach talk aimed at the general public or students at undergraduate or high school level, and one more narrow research talk. Up to two Distinguished Lecturerships will be awarded per year.

Oversight of the program is proveded by the AARMS Distinguished Lecture committee:

Any faculty member at an AARMS member institution is invited to apply for funding up to $2500 to support a Distinguished Lecturer. A complete nomination should include:

  • A brief explanation of the particular accomplishments of the nominee.
  • Proposed locations of visit, and the proposed format of talks offered.
  • A paragraph explaining the relevance of the visit to the host institution.
  • A detailed budget of the visit showing all expected expenses and sources of funding.

Applications should be sent by email to the AARMS Administrator ( by October 1 each year.