Big Data for the Mi’qmaq Elementary and High school Students

An extracurricular program in Big Data for 13 First nations schools in Nova Scotia. Sponsored jointly by Uloonweg and AARMS, the program will deliver 12 hrs of training in 4 sessions to two groups of children, aged 9-10 and 15-17, respectively. A total of 180 First Nations students will be involved and trained. A pilot program for the younger group has been developed and tested with a group of students in May, 2018. Curriculum for the older children has been developed with the assistance of an expert group from University of Toronto and from the Oceans of Data Institute at UCLA, including hands on experience with prepared software and data (CODAP and GapMinder). The Uloonweg project sponsors the development and partial delivery of the program in the schools; funding from AARMS is used to complete the training and delivery.

AARMS-Girl Guides STEM camps

In collaboration with the Girl Guides of Atlantic Canada, AARMS organizes an annual provincial scale camp for girls aged 9-17.  The first such camp is at the University of New Brunswick’s Fredericton campus from May 12-13, 2018.  Over 500 girls will take part in STEM based mini-workshops including topics such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Coding with Drones, and Geometrical Art.  The 2019 edition of the camp is scheduled to take place at Dalhousie University.   More information

Acadia University math outreach for middle and high school students

Acadia faculty and students will undertake three related outreach activities aimed at students in grades 7 – 12 in the Annapolis Valley and beyond. In previous years, these activities have been successfully undertaken with support from AARMS. The activities include i) class visits to grade 7 and 8 students; ii) math buffet events for grade 9-12 students, held at Acadia; iii) NS math league;    More information

Dalhousie – AARMS Math Challenge Club

The Dalhousie – AARMS Math Challenge Club is now entering its third year. We have started with a registration of 25 students in both the junior club and the senior club. Both clubs provide a fun environment for students to explore new mathematical concepts and begin to form a community of problem solvers. We participate in various contests throughout the year, but the emphasis is on developing problem solving skills and creativity as a community. The only requirement to join the club is that a student likes to do mathematics and wants to learn more.  More information

Extending Mathematical Appreciation Through Outreach

This outreach program in New Brunswick has been directed at widening the lens for viewing and experiencing mathematics. Much of the effort has featured visits to classrooms or mathematical events in school settings, particularly elementary and middle schools. Events in community spaces such as public libraries and STEAM Expo have included recreational math exhibits, poster presentations, and lectures over the years. ​For more information contact John McLoughlin (University of New Brunswick).

Mathematics in the World: Bringing Applied Mathematics to High School Classrooms

This series of interactive lectures to high school students aims to show a variety of exciting applications and uses of mathematics, spanning from everyday reasoning to fascinating research that attempts to unravel the complexity of the world around us. The lectures span the topics of law, music, science, economics, and beyond, and rather than delving into mathematical details, aims to survey these applications of mathematics in an accessible way. Through this, increased motivation and engagement with mathematics is encouraged. The speaker is from St. Francis Xavier University.  For more information contact Ryan Lukeman (St. Francis Xavier University).

Nova Scotia Math League

The Nova Scotia High School Math League is designed to stimulate and challenge high school students across the province. The NSML is based on the very successful Newfoundland Math League which has been running since 1987. The first game was run in Halifax in 2002 by Richard Hoshino and Sarah McCurdy. Since then there has been no looking back.  More information

Connecting Math to Our Lives and Communities

Connecting Math to Our Lives and Communities is a focused after school, in-community mathematics outreach program created for and reaching 200 Mi’kmaw and African Nova Scotian youth annually. The program is built on community relationships and run in full partnership with four Mi’kmaw and three African Nova Scotian communities. Throughout the academic year, St.Francis Xavier University (St.FX) students travel to local communities to engage youth in meaningful, hands-on investigations of mathematics related to their everyday lives. A final celebration day provides a culminating experience for all participants on campus at St.FX. The goal of the program is to have students see the role mathematics plays in reading and writing the world, and identify themselves as mathematicians in a way that also honors their ways of being.   More information

Concours du Groupe d’action pour les mathématiques en Acadie (“Groupe d’action pour les mathématiques en Acadie” Contest)

In order to improve the mathematical life in schools and to get people to develop a more positive attitude towards mathematics in the school system, we created the GAMA Contest, a friendly competition that takes place every Fall and that is open to all students (K-12) in the New-Brunswick’s francophone school system. In the past years, students had to create a logo for GAMA, take pictures of mathematics around them, explain the mathematics present in different jobs, etc. Students can participate alone, with friends or with their classroom. Teachers can help students, but the work must be done by the students. The purpose of the contest is not to assess students’ procedural or problem-solving skills, but rather to have them see and talk about mathematics in a different way. Thus, this contest is accessible to all students, because everyone can participate at his or her own level. Contact Manon Leblanc for more information.