Collaborative Research Groups

AARMS facilitates collaboration within networks of geographically disparate Atlantic Canadian researchers sharing common interests

Conferences and Workshops

AARMS funds a full spectrum of mathematical sciences conferences and workshops in the Atlantic region and throughout Canada


AARMS outreach events increase the mathematical awareness of young people, under-represented groups, and the general public

Postdoctoral Fellowships

AARMS postdoctoral fellowships attract talented young mathematical scientists from around the world to pursue advanced research

Summer School

The annual AARMS summer school provides training for local, national and international graduate students from world renowned experts


AARMS industrial problem solving workshops connect mathematical scientists and graduate students with Atlantic Canadian companies

Doctoral Thesis Award

AARMS invites nominations for two $2,500 Doctoral Thesis awards to be awarded in the Fall each year.

Graduate Scholarship

AARMS invites nominations for two $5,000 graduate student scholarships to be awarded in Fall each year.