The 2015 AARMS Summer School

Theme: Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis
Time and location: July 6-31, 2015, Dalhousie University
School Directors: Dr. Theodore Kolokolnikov (Dalhousie) and Dr. Hermann Brunner (Dalhousie)

The summer school is intended for graduate students and promising undergraduate students from all parts of the world. Each participant is expected to register for at least two of the four courses. Each course consists of five ninety-minute lecture sessions each week. These are graduate courses approved by Dalhousie and we will facilitate transfer credit to the extent possible.


  • Topics in Reaction-Diffusion Systems: Theory and Applications Instructors: Dr. Michael Ward, UBC and Dr. Juncheng Wei, UBC
  • Structure-preserving discretization of differential equationsInstructors: Drs. Elena Celledoni, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Brynjulf Owren, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Numerical analysis of singularly perturbed ODEs and PDESInstructor: Dr. Martin Stynes, University College Cork, Ireland

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The AARMS Summer School in 2015 was co-sponsored by PIMS and by Dalhousie University.

Associated Workshops

  • Bluenose Workshop: July 11-12
    Organizers: Paul Muir, Wayne Enright, and Morven Gentleman
  • Workshop on Pattern Formation: July 18-19
    Organizers: Theodore Kolokolnikov, Ricardo Carretero and Michael Ward
  • Workshop on Domain Decomposition Methods for PDE’s: Aug 4-8
    Organizer: Ronald Haynes, Herman Brunner and Paul Muir