On Saturday October 20th, professors and educators from Atlantic Canada got together for the AARMS annual outreach meeting, where they shared their experience of commitment to outreach in their regions and beyond. Also this year, AARMS will continue to sponsor numerous outreach activities, including hands-on workshops, math competitions, summer camps, math circles, and many others. The aim of the association is to diversify its projects in order to reach the largest possible audience. From motivated students to those who do not feel attracted to mathematics, from rural communities to urban centers, our offer is intended to be socially inclusive and available to all the residents of Atlantic Canada.

During the meeting, the participants shared their ressources and contacts to help improve the quality and effectiveness of their programs and shared their dreams and challenges of their future endeavors. We thank the dedication and passion of the members of the outreach community in Atlantic Canada, which is what ultimately makes it possible to spread the message that mathematics is useful, empowering, and beautiful.

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