The Discovery Centre in Halifax has recently inaugurated the exhibition “Beyond the Rubik’s Cube“, a whole floor of interactive games, puzzles and riddles revolving around Rubik’s magic cube. We didn’t resist the temptation: on Sunday November 24, AARMS joined the museum to add our mathematical twist to this event. Over 380 visitors came to the exhibit on that day, and we were happy to share our material and our passion for mathematics with them.

A big part of the exhibit features symmetric structures: there are platonic solids, tessellations, and puzzles with many interesting shapes. Our stand offered various hands-on activities connected to this. We had a workshop where visitors could build and decorate their own polyhedra, a small library of riddles, sheets for creating and coloring original tessellations, and five different puzzles presented by our volunteers to the public.

Our team of mathematicians offered a visit of the exhibit highlighting the mathematics underlying the objects displayed. The material of the museum made it possible to play a variety of different games, discovering mathematical structures with people of all ages. and we surely had a lot to share!

A great “thank you” to the team of the Discovery Centre, and the people that made possible for this event to be a success: Shayne Breen, Sarah Li, Jesse Preston, Rebecca Ryan and Asmita Sodhi.

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