Like every other institute in the world, COVID-19 will play a huge role in AARMS’s 2020 activities.  All of the AARMS-organized signature events for the summer have been cancelled, including

  • the 2020 AARMS Summer School;
  • the 2020 AARMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop; and
  • the 2020 AARMS-Girl Guides STEM event: All SySTEMs Go.

In addition, many of the 2020 events we have agreed to support will not happen. If organizers incur any non-refundable expenses for events cancelled due to COVID-19, then they can use their previously-approved AARMS funding to cover those expenses (assuming that such expenses were eligible to begin with). We are currently exploring several virtual meeting solutions to offer to the AARMS community.

Conversely, the coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to forge new relationships with national and provincial funding bodies to support research in mathematical modelling.  To this end, a consortium of Canada’s mathematical sciences institutes have received funding from Canada’s Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) for infectious disease research.  AARMS has received further matching funding from the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) to specifically support research in Atlantic Canada. More details can be found in this news post.

Finally, Alan Coley from Dalhousie has compiled a list of online mathematics meetings and e-resources for those of us looking to keep busy while sheltering in place.