Congratulations to William Kellough and Serhii Koval, this year’s winners of AARMS Graduate Scholarships!

William Kellough is a second year master’s student at Memorial University supervised by Danny Dyer and Nancy Clarke (Acadia University). William began his studies at the University of Manitoba where he obtained a joint honours degree in mathematics and statistics. He conducts research in graph theory and studies pursuit-evasion models in graphs. These models can be thought of as two-player games where one player controls a group of pursuers while a second player controls an evader. The goal of the pursuers is to move to the location of the evader while the evader’s goal is to indefinitely avoid the pursuers. The main application for this research is in robotics where the algorithms used to solve these games can be translated into algorithms that robots can use in various emergency scenarios.

Serhii Koval, Ph.D. student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. After enrolling in the M.Sc. program at MUN in 2021, he also became a member of two research groups: one led by Dr. Alex Bihlo at MUN and another led by Prof. Roman O. Popovych at Kyiv Institute of Mathematics. His research interests focus mostly on algebraic and geometric methods in mathematical physics and symmetries of differential equations, Lie groups and Lie algebras. He is also interested in pure and applied algebra, in particular, the representation theory of groups and algebras, deformations of algebras and algebraic geometry. Moreover, he is actively contributing to the academic community by reviewing research papers for prestigious journals in mathematics and theoretical physics.