The AARMS Iterated Functions Systems CRG (2016)

AARMS is inviting the Atlantic Canadian mathematical sciences community to submit Letters of Intent for its 2021 Collaborative Research Group (CRG) competition (deadline July 2). For the 2021 competition, we are pleased to announce that successful CRG applicants will receive up to $50,000 to be used or fully committed within one year.  Funded CRGs will be encouraged to apply for a second year of funding in 2022.  The second year of funding will be contingent on the full utilization/commitment of the first year funding and research outcomes.

A Collaborative Research Group (CRG) consists of Atlantic Province University researchers with common research interests who wish to work collaboratively.  Members of a CRG typically organize intensive workshops, share PDF appointments, coordinate graduate training programs, propose and assist in AARMS summer school programs, jointly supervise graduate students, and carry out other activities supporting their research. 

Applications focussed on any mathematical sciences subdiscipline (broadly defined) are encouraged, and interdisciplinary collaborations are welcome.

The deadline for Letters of Intent is July 2, 2021 at 11:59 pm (Atlantic time). Interested parties are welcome to reach out to the Director of AARMS or the Executive committee to informally discuss their application ahead of time. Please see the full program description for further details.