AARMS is pleased to announce major new funding from NSERC (the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) through the Discovery Institutes Support bridging program. Through this program, AARMS will receive approximately $278,000 in 2021-22 to support fundamental and applied mathematical sciences research in Atlantic Canada.

Alejandro Adem, the President of NSERC, says “The Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences plays a key role in fostering collaboration among mathematicians throughout Atlantic Canada. It acts as a critical nucleus around which Atlantic institutions can recruit and retain faculty in the mathematical sciences, and attract top-calibre students from undergraduate to postdoctoral levels.”

New NSERC funding has already been utilized to attract a record number of postdoctoral fellows to Atlantic Canada from all over the world. The research areas of these seven highly talented young researchers include mathematical physics, combinatorics, partial differential equations, algebraic geometry, number theory, and relativity and gravitation. The new class of AARMS postdoctoral fellows starts to arrive in September 2021.

Discovery Institutes Support funding will also be used to increase the level of support for AARMS Collaborative Research Groups, launch new graduate student scholarships and doctoral thesis awards, and improve access to advanced research for historically under-represented groups.

“This represents a major increase in level of federal government support for the mathematical sciences in Atlantic Canada,” says Sanjeev Seahra, the Director of AARMS. “It is a significant acknowledgement of the quantity and quality of the scientific activity in our region, and its impact on the national and international stage.”