Congratulations to Irfan Javed and Caleb Wellbourn Jones, this year’s winners of AARMS Graduate Scholarships!

Irfan Javed is a PhD student at the University of New Brunswick, supervised by Viqar Husain. Irfan Javed joined the quantum gravity group at UNB in Fall 2021. He graduated at the top of his class from the Lahore University of Management Science (Pakistan) in 2021 with two co-authored papers in quantum theory. In the relatively short time he has been at UNB, Irfan has demonstrated exceptional industry and research potential. A portion of Irfan’s PhD work is already complete. This is a study of how a familiar physical system, a pendulum, interacts and evolves together with a quantum system with spin, such as an electron. There are three distinct ways to describe this system; Irfan studied the corresponding equations to see how their dynamics differ. This work was published recently in Physical Review Letters,  one the most prestigious journals in the field. Irfan is presently working on extending these results analytically and numerically.

Caleb Jones is a Masters student in Mathematics at Memorial University, supervised by David Pike and Andrea Burgess (UNB). His research involves an abstract problem involving propagation of information among the nodes of hypergraph-based networks.  Practical applications of this research include modelling dissemination within social networks and spread of malware within computer networks.