AARMS invites applications from Junior Researchers for travel support funding to attend events directly related to their research and/or academic studies.  Awards of up to $800 are available for each application. 


  • Postdoctoral Fellows and Students supervised by faculty members from Math and Stats departments of AARMS member institutions are eligible to apply.
  • AARMS Postdoctoral Fellows are not eligible to apply to this fund except between January 1 and March 31, and only then if they have already used up the travel funding allocated to their fellowship.  
  • An individual may access this program as often as they wish, but the cumulative amount awarded to an individual in one fiscal year will not exceed $800.  If there are funds remaining in this program after September 1, then applicants may apply again in excess of the cumulative cap.
  • Funding is intended to support travel that is directly relevant to the applicant’s research and/or academic study.  Relocation expenses are not eligible.
  • Eligible expenses include airfare, accommodation, ground travel, and conference registration fees. 
  • Applications will not be accepted for travel which has already occurred.
  • An individual may only receive travel support from one AARMS program. If you are receiving travel support for a specific trip from an AARMS CRG, an AARMS funded event, or any other AARMS program, you may not apply to the Junior Researcher Travel Support Program.


The program opens on April 1st, each year.  Applications can be made at any time by email directly to the AARMS Executive Administrator (dll@cs.dal.ca).  Applications will be assessed on a first-come first-served basis.  The program will continue until such time as the budget is depleted.  We expect to open this program with a fresh budget each year on January 1.

Applications will consist of:

  • A brief paragraph describing the purpose of the trip and its relevance to the research and/or academic studies of the applicant.
  • An outline of the expected expenses, including the dates of travel.  The applicant is expected to use their best efforts to research economical travel options.
  • Quotes for airfare, accommodation, conference fees, where possible.
  • An outline of other available funding sources and a description of efforts already made to obtain them.

An application will not be considered complete unless the applicant’s supervisor also sends an email directly to the AARMS Administrator confirming that the proposed trip is directly relevant to the applicant’s research and/or academic studies and that the supervisor supports the application. 


Applicants will be notified of a decision within 14 days of providing a complete application.  

Funding will be provided after the trip is complete.  At that point the applicant will be required to fill in forms provided by the AARMS administrator and to provide receipts for all claimed expenses, as well as boarding cards for air travel.  Without receipts it may not be possible to reimburse expenses.