AARMS postdoctoral fellowships attract talented young mathematical scientists from around the world to pursue advanced research.   The next competition will start in Fall 2020.  We highly recommend that you read the RULES before applying.

Current postdoctoral fellows

Matthew Amy

Matthew Amy completed his doctorate in 2019 from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Beginning in November 2019 he will be working as a postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University with Julien Ross and Peter Selinger. His research interests include formal mathematical models of quantum computation and their application to the practical problems of quantum programming and compilation.

Jonathan Gallagher

Jonathan Gallagher finished his PhD from the University of Calgary in 2018, and is now working as a postdoc with Geoff Cruttwell and Dorette Pronk at Dalhousie University.  The project they are pursuing is to use recent developments in category theory to advance the use of differential geometry in diverse settings: from machine learning and deep learning to orbifolds.

Martin Szyld

Martin Szyld completed his PhD in 2015 from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he also worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Eduardo Dubuc. Starting in February 2020 he will be at Dalhousie University working with Dorette Pronk. His main research interests are in topos theory and in higher category theory.

Past postdoctoral fellows

  • Marzieh Bayeh, Dalhousie 2016-18
  • Roslaind Cameron, Memorial 2017-19
  • Evgeny Chibrikov, Memorial 2009-11
  • Alin Ciuperca, University of New Brunswick 2009-11
  • Kia Dalili, Dalhousie 2005-07
  • Marco de Cesare, University of New Brunswick 2018-20
  • Chris Duffy, Dalhousie 2015-17
  • Mahya Ghandehari, Dalhousie 2010-12
  • Alexei Gordienko, Memorial 2010-12
  • Daniele Gregoris, Dalhousie 2015-17
  • Nathan Grieve, UNB 2015-17
  • Thomas Guedenon, Mount Allison 2003-05
  • Rebecca Hammond, Acadia 2007-09
  • Sigbjorn Hervik, Dalhousie 2005-06
  • Daniel Horsley, Memorial 2008-10
  • Golam Hossain, University of New Brunswick 2008-10
  • Qingzhong Huang, Memorial 2018-20
  • Tobey Kenney, Dalhousie 2006-08
  • Dawood Kothawala, University of New Brunswick 2010-12
  • Suzanne Lanéry, University of New Brunswick 2018-20
  • Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine, Dalhousie 2010-12
  • Shuabing Liu, Memorial 2017-18
  • Rory Lucyshyn-Wright, Mount Allison 2015-17
  • Rogers Mathew, Dalhousie 2011-12
  • Charles Paquette, University of New Brunswick 2012-14
  • Rui Peng, Memorial 2010-12
  • Israel Rocha, Dalhousie 2015-16
  • Viraj Sanghai, Dalhousie 2017-18
  • Hongying Shu, UNB 2011-13
  • Douglas Stones, Dalhousie 2013-14
  • Ryan Tifenbach, Memorial 2012-14
  • Daniele Turchetti, Dalhousie 2018-20
  • Justin Tzou, Dalhousie 2013-15
  • Michael A. Warren, Dalhousie 2010-11
  • Ping Wong Ng, University of New Brunswick 2003-05
  • Francis Valiquette, Dalhousie 2011-13
  • Yuzaho Wang, Memorial 2013-15
  • Abraham Westerbaan, Dalhousie 2020-21
  • Oliver Winkler, University of New Brunswick 2004-06
  • Dansheng Yu, Saint Francis Xavier 2006-08
  • Peng Zhou, Memorial Univeristy 2015-17
  • Baocheng Zhu, Memorial University 2015-17
  • Jonathan Ziprick, University of New Brunswick 2014-16